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We are an international Consulting Agency of cutting-edge thinking on Communication & Management issues in Electronic Music’s industry business. We offer services to help you reach your key objectives as well as give you a competitive advantage

Consulting 80%

Branding 75%

graphic design 60%

well covered and efficient



To maximize optimization in your projects, a unique approach based on creation, strategic development and targeted studies is utilized to facilitate and coordinate your project together with your visual identity.


To help you attract new members of the audience and further gain the platform of the public’s loyalty for you, your music, various labels, events and such, we provide you with communication tools that are always fresh, new and up to date.


Our approach and strategy involves sorting information while optimizing skills to expand the size of your target audience. This is so that technical constraints are first taken into account in priority, providing an innovative and competitive approach to your projects.

Studio Design

You know what you want but you don’t know exactly how to approach it. What next? Our agency has a state of the art studio that houses highly-skilled and trained web designers, artistic directors and graphic designers that can all meet your designing needs.

Artistic Direction

Our experienced staff provide you with the expertise you are looking for, having the ability to identify and book the best international artists. From the new generation of DJs & Producers to the Top 100 ranking artists worldwide.

Listening + Assimilating + Strategy + Achieving + Monitoring = Success


  • EDM native DNA inside
  • The focus is on YOU
  • Empathy & strategy
  • Technique

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